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Tiger prawn, fennel, feta & mint salad served in spoons

Grilled rosemary & garlic prawns wrapped in prosciutto with basil mayo

Grilled prawns on minty pea puree in spoons

Vietnamese prawn, cucumber, ginger, mint & coriander fresh spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce

Grilled prawns on a Thai sweet & sour shredded carrot, peanut, coriander & mint salad (spoon or bowl)

Chilli, parsley, ginger and garlic prawns on toast

Prawn and black rice salad with Vietnamese ginger & lime dressing (spoons)

Prawn Rarebits - melted cheesy prawns on baguette toasts

Prawn and fennel risotto (spoons or bowl)


Hot crab dip with toasted baguette, cucumber & celery batons and wedges of green apple

Coconut, coriander & lime Thai crab (bowls or spoons)

Spicy coriander crab cakes

Orzo with coconut, lime & chilli crab (spoon or bowl)

Small pasta with crab, chilli, watercress, mustard cress, lime and parsley (spoon or bowl)


Teriyaki salmon skewers

Rustic smoked salmon with dill, red onion and cornichon mascarpone on seed bread

Mini bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese

Teriyaki salmon on a Thai sweet & sour shredded carrot, peanut, coriander & mint salad

Salmon and dill fishcakes

Sweetcorn, chilli & chive cakes topped with hot roast salmon

Filo baskets with smoked salmon, quail eggs and basil creme fraiche

Smoked salmon and cucumber pickle in filo baskets

Hot potato cakes with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Smoked salmon, ricotta and pickled cucumber crostini

Roast new potatoes with Avruga caviar, hot roast salmon and sour cream

Roast salmon on cheddar & spring onion scotch pancakes

Smoked trout pate & cornichon on crunchy baguette

Hot roast salmon, asparagus & basil pesto bruschetta

Mirin glazed salmon & sushi ginger on spring onion rice

Potato cakes with smoked salmon

Seared salmon on Singapore noodles with baby corn, beansprouts & coriander (spoon or bowl)

Salmon skewers with pomegranate molasses, soy and honey

Salmon and monkfish ceviche served in spoons


Smoked haddock, parsley and chive kedgeree (bowls or spoons)

Asian spiced kedgeree with kaffir lime leaves and turmeric (bowl or spoons)

Seafood paella (bowl or spoons)

Smoked haddock, spinach and Emmenthal tartlets

Ginger and coriander spicy haddock and prawn cakes with Thai dipping sauce


Creamy tonnato, cornichon & capers

Crostini del Mar - smoked mussels, clams, garlic, parsley and mushrooms


Creamy chive eggs and Avruga caviar

Smoked salmon & sour cream

Smoked mussels, sweet cucumber salad and creme fraiche

Smoked mackerel and horseradish creme

Broccoli, anchovy, chilli & parmesan orecchiette (spoons or bowls)

Goujon of sole with tartar sauce

Tonno, cannellini & borlotti bean salad with lime, red onion & parsley (spoon or bowl)


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