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We recommend about 10-13 savoury and 2 dessert canapés for a substantial amount to be served in lieu of dinner.  It’s a good idea to have 3-4 vegetarian canapés in your selection. For a shorter party, possibly pre-dinner drinks, 8-12 canapes will be sufficient.

We suggest that you choose no more than 2 canapes that are served in bowls or spoons. Please email your canapé selection to me with your approximate guest numbers, the location, date and time of your party, and then I can do a quote for you.

All our canapés do need to be sent out with staff. As a guide, we will send 4 staff to serve drinks and food to 30-40 guests. We will send 5-6 staff to serve 50-60 people, and 10 staff for 100 guests.  

Please phone 020 7582 9947 or email 

Please view canapés from each section of the menu:

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